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  • Compact Ak Weapon Recoil Resistant Tactical TM3-9X32AOE Riflescope
  • Compact Ak Weapon Recoil Resistant Tactical TM3-9X32AOE Riflescope

Compact Ak Weapon Recoil Resistant Tactical TM3-9X32AOE Riflescope


High recoile resistant compact 3-9x32AOE rifle scope with red/green illuminated reticle with adjustable objective lens and lever adjusting eyepiece
Main feature of TM 3-9x32AOE Rifle scope with both red / green illuminated reticle with Objective lens adjustable

1. Red/ Green Illuminated Crosshair light
2. Waterproof, Shockproof and Dust proof
3. Compact length
4. Bullet Drop Compensator
5. Hight recoil resistant design
6. AO function (objective lens adjustable)
7. Lever adjusting on eyepiece

3-9X32AO riflescope with handle adjustment 4 .jpg

Tactical AK weapon recoil resistant 3-9X32AO Rifle Scope Detailed Technical Description:
The unique illuminated red/green reticle actual vision:
Night Reticle Color: Both Red and Green illuminations are available.

both red green illuminated reticles on 3-9X32AOE.jpg

Housing Material Forged Aluminum Alloy

Main tech info of TM 3-9X32AO.png

Detailed Specification of this scope could be found as below:

specification drawing of the 3-9x32AO riflescope.png

Clear view on different angles of this unique rifle scope:

3-9X32AO riflescope with handle adjustment eyepiece and objective lens adjusting angles.jpg

Individual package included accessories:
1x lens cloth
1x pair of lens covers
1x pair scope ring mounts
1x Manual sheet
1x Black box package
1x Poly bag packed riflescope

included 2 kinds ring mounts.png

Elevated scope ring mounts                                  Standard scope ring mounts
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All our products are built for real firearms. Our latest designators are manufactured with high quality components and materials. Excellent quality and stable performance. Water resistant, shock proof and recoil proof via (under) necessary condition testing.

Erains TAC Optics Tactical AK weapon recoil resistant TM3-9X32AOE Riflescope with both Red/Green Reticles illumination and Objective lens adjustable for Shortgun and rifles.

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