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Subzero Tactical Long Distance Riflescope Night Vision Solution of 100MW Strobe Function Green Laser Dazzling Designator Illuminator Torch Sight

Power output adjustable with strobe function Green laser designator feature:
1. Low temp up to - 30 centigrade quick start and steady workable.
2. Laser power adjustment, -/+ push button could adjust the power from 20mw, 40mw, 60mw, 80mw and 100mw output power.
3. Inside heating system intergrated.
4. A wide range laser beam diameter adjustable with min dia locking system.
5. Both laser mount and weaver rail riflescope ring mount attaching with adpators to fit size with both of 25.4mm and 30mm.
6. Rechargeable batteries with a spare battery including charger in both wall and car plug.
7. High grade individual aluminium gift case package.
8. Effective range could be 100meters or longer.
9. Working hours after full battery charged is 3-5 hours
10. Free warranty is 13 months, and limited lifitme warranty is within 3 years.
ES-XYH-KS102 Professional Long Distance Green Laser Designator Torch

(1) Green Laser Sight
(2) Wavelength: 530-532nm
(3) Expansion: 10X
(4) Battery: ICR18650 rechargeable Lithium battery with 2400mAh
(5) MTTF: 5000 hours
(6) Laser power: Output power=120-150mw Exit power>80-100mw
(7) Laser bean DOT diameter: Measured at 100 meters distance Max dia 26mm (+/-10cm) Min 8m (+/-5cm) Measured at 100 meters distance, Error between +/- 5 to 10cm)
(8) Designator Outer size: L225.5mm X Max dia 36mm, Min dia 25.4mm
(9) Power consumption: Max 15W under -30 centigrade, normally is 3W under 20-25 centigrade
(10) Laser class: CLASS 2M
(11) Operating Voltage: DC3.7V
(12) Operating Temperature:
(High temp) It can work steady under 40 centigrade for 15-20 minutes, but it can work well constently under 35 centigrade.
(Low temp) It will delay in light under -30 centigrade after 1minute, it can work well under -30 centigrade
(Low temp start) When it was stored under -20 centigrade in closed mode for 10 minutes, it needs to heat for 1 mins before it can work steady.
(13) Storage Temperature: -30~80 centigrade

Low temp working compatbility
Power adjustment
Variable laser beam diameter adjustable
High-quality green laser module, optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing
High Transmission
Short System Length
Small Spherical Aberration
Hight precision pressure pad plug and end lid hole contacting system
High reliability, high stability, long life, low price
Fully o-ring sealed for dust
Fully multicoated optical lens systems
Rotary optical beam collmator - Allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity

Amplified coherent light-Most efficient light for long distance illumination

Products color: Black with Hard anodize

Application Area:
Laser Alignment
Aiming and Positioning
Hunting and Spotting
Search and Rescue
Outdoors and Hiking

Packing list:
1x Tactical Green Laser Designator
1x Remote Pressure Pad with wire Plug switch
1x Rubber cover on/off push button switch
2x ICR18650 rechargeable Lithium battery with 2400mAh
1x Weaver rail riflescope ring Mount (Φ 25.4mm and Φ 30mm or 34mm )
1x Windage and elevation adjustable laser mount (Φ 25.4mm and Φ 30mm)
1x Front exit lense Rubber cover
3x Allen wrenches

1x Aluminium case with individual inner carton

Pack information:
Unit Weight: 1.80 kgs
GW for individual unit set with package: 2.2kg
G. W: 17.50 kgs
N. W: 16.50 kgs
Aluminium case size:  275*210*97
Outer inner box size: 310*250*110mm
Carton Size: 62cmX52cmX38cm

Warranty: 1 Year Limited warranty.
Name ES-XYH-KS102 Professional Green laser designator (ICR18650 battery box) Output 20-100mw
Test unit 1PC Sample

Test contents Standard requirement

High and low temp test High temp It can work steady under 40  centigrade for 15-20 minutes, but it can work well constently under 35  centigrade. Recommended working tem from -30  centigrade to +35  centigrade, pre heating starts automatically in sub zero temp, below -15 centigrade, it needs to heat up a short period. before it works steady.
If hunting below sub zero conditions, use black lense cover. Start the designator asap when animals are approaching,   then just flip the front cover up when you are ready to shoot.

Low temp It will delay in light under -30  centigrade after 2minutes, it can work well under -20  centigrade
Low temp start When it was stored under -30  centigrade in closed mode for 10 minutes, it needs to heat for 1-2 mins before it can work steady.
Random vibration test Stimulate the shock platform Stimulate the semi-rifle continuous shooting platform

Drop test fall from 3 meters height to sediment ground No changes on brightness and dot position after 3 times falling
Proof test Water proof Rain water proof
Dust proof IPX68

Laser wavelength 530-532nm

Laser power Output power=120-150mw  Exit power> 80-100mw

Laser bean dot diameter Measured at 100 meters distance Max dia 26m (+/-10cm) Min 6mm (+/-5cm) Error between +/- 5 to 10cm
Produce working info Power consumption Max 15W under -20  centigrade, normally is 3W under 20-25  centigrade

Batterysort ICR18650 rechargeable Lithium battery with 2400mAh

Voltage 3.7V

Batteryworking time Work constantly for 3-5 hrs under +25  centigrade, but it just can work constantly for 2-3 hrs under -30  centigrade

Main body material 6063-T6 Aluminium

Finish Normalanodize

Outer size L225.5mm X Max dia 36mm, Min dia 25.4mm

Weight 2.2kgs for full set with aluminium case

Our Service
Except man-made mistakes, we will exchange the defective with a brand new one within 14 days after you get our product. According to the guild regulations customer shall be responsible for the returning shipping fee.
Warranty: 1 Year free warranty with up to 3 years limited warranty for this model designator.

Warranty, we offer 13 months limited warranty for our products. Damage due to misuse, ill treatment and unauthorized modifications and repairs are not covered by our warranty.

Shipping Method, We provide comprehensive shipping methods, for small quantity orders we ship by DHL Air-Express, or EMS/TNT Express service, it is safe and fast. For large quantity orders we can ship by Air transportation or sea transportation, also we can ship order to buyer's cargo agent in China. We quoted prices are EXW price, don't include shipping cost.
Company Policy: Strive for the Customer Satisfaction
We have rich experience upon the international order all over the world. We can deliver the order to your office or home directly. We will combine the shipping cost for multi items purchase.

Finally, your feedback and suggestion are very important for us.
Thanks again for your attention. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our products.

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